What we are

Ecosense WaterTech is a group of highly skilled Water and Wastewater professionals working towards a common goal of providing Techno-Economically Feasible Solutions required for the sector. The initiators of this firm have been working in the field of water and wastewater treatment design engineering for more than a decade, and have successfully completed more than 400+ projects (in India as well as Overseas) in Industrial Effluent treatment, Domestic Wastewater Treatment, Water Treatment and Budgeting and allied sectors. The vision of the company is to provide the Best Water Management Practice with a sound technical reasoning and through an essentially customer - cost centric approach.

The primary motive for Ecosense is to provide a ‘One - Roof Destination for Water and Wastewater Management’ and which would provide assistance in terms of advisory and supply to the clients right from Conceptualization to Commissioning.