What we do

We provide techno commercially viable effective single point solutions for water and wastewater management.

Water related services

Solutions for Turbid Water treatment, Hard Water treatment Industrial water treatment, Drinking water supply and Water Management, Rain Water Harvesting Solutions, etc

Water related services

Total Systemic Solution for Complete Wastewater Recycle, effective wastewater management, upgradation / revamping of existing wastewater treatment systems to achieve desired output parameters.

Ancillary services

Supply of mechanical and chemical components for water and wastewater treatment systems, Services for Sub-Surface Water Management, Supply of Corrugated pipes for Sewerage and Stormwater, cable protection etc.

Technical Collaborations

  • Technical Collaboration with WyunaSep Australia for Oil – Water & Solid - Liquid Separation Systems
  • Official Distributor of ScaleMasterTM of Scalemaster Adlams (France) in Karnataka and Goa
  • Technical Associate of Streamline India for Sub-Surface Drainage Solutions for Landscaping and Sportsfields
  • Senior Advisory Consultant for Water and Wastewater Treatment Solutions for several market players in India

Contact Us

Shree Nilay, Old door no. 10 & 11, Besides Vadgaon Vitthal Mandir, Bazar Galli, Vadgaon, Belgaum - 590005, Karnataka, India


+91-831-2483 599

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